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Enhance your Data Science career with our comprehensive Data Science course in Mumbai with IBM Certification. Our advanced Data Science training in Mumbai will help you to make experts in Python, Power BI, etc. You will get training from industry leaders and masters. to gain the most in-demand data science and AI skills.

data science course training in mumbai
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data science course training in mumbai

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Career Assistance

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₹ 9,342/month
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Get professional training affordably

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Program Features

Why Enroll In Data Science Course Training in Mumbai?

Custom-fit Training

Get specially designed modules as per your dream DS role. Learn innovative AI applications.

data science course training in mumbai
Domain Focused

Obtain cutting-edge Al and DS skills as per demanding industry standards. Choose from 8+ electives.

Premium Mentoring

Learn how to crack interviews by attending CV writing workshops & mock interviews with MAANG expertise.

Hands-on Experience

Get the diligent experience of real-world projects, spanning from advanced level complexity, directly from relevant companies.

Watch our alumni making successful career transition

Learnbay taught me data science. Thanks to Learnbay's domain specialization course, I landed a job in my prior sector and was regarded as an experienced applicant by my firm. I consistently increased my data science knowledge and experience, which led to a 250% hike.

data science course training in mumbai
Chandni Priya

Associate Data scientist at The Math Company

Recommended to anyone who is trying to learn Data Science. Teachers go through every detail and in between they tells you what questions is mostly likely to ask in the interview! Which is important! Also gives you assignments for weekends! Overall really good experience! Worth it!

data science course training in mumbai
Shravanthi A

Data Scientist

Learnbay has helped me a lot to learn data science applications in the e-commerce industry. The live class concept was really helpful in receiving proper DS training. Thanks to all my mentors and the placement team.

data science course training in mumbai
Mohammad Israr

Data scientist (TCS)


Highest Salary Hike

18 LPA

Average Salary Package

About The Program

Job-ready Data science training in Mumbai-

What is the Learnbay Job-ready Data Science Course In Mumbai?

The best data scientist training provider in Mumbai is Learnbay. Industrial expertise from top-tier MNCs is the specialization of our faculty. Throughout the offline as well as online data science courses, you get the advantage of their experience and knowledge. The courses are tailored to learners who wish to transition into a Data Science career or become a great Data scientist after years of experience in any field. In a nutshell, it's the top destination for working professionals looking for the greatest data science and AI training.

The Learnbay data science course in Mumbai for working professionals includes both practical (core industrial) and theoretical topics for balanced learning. This institute provides the most cost-effective Data Science classes in Mumbai. The best part is that you get a full-stack data science program with placement.

Why is Learnbay the best institute for Data scientist courses in Mumbai?

Being all of the well-known costly cities of India, it is expected that even for professional courses, this city will charge high. But the artificial intelligence and data science courses provided by Learnbay in Mumbai seem comparatively cheaper. Above all, even at a comparatively cheaper cost, you get the best of the data science learning experience along with an assured 100% job assistance.

Besides, you can get different data science course options based on your present career stage. Each of these courses consists of custom-fit modules that take care of your existing career experience.

Also, you get 1 to 1 discussion sessions and 3 years of flexi pass to attend any live and interactive classes at your convenience, experts mentors from top-tire MNCs. Options are available for choosing offline, online, or blended learning mode. However, due to the 100% live and interactive sessions, even in an online data science course, you get offline learning satisfaction at Learnbay. You may use Learnbay LMS on your mobile device to learn on the go.

How much will the spending be on data science course fees in Mumbai?

Learnbay's subscription plans range from 65K to 1.2 lakh INR. The class timings are flexible, and you can access any batches or teachers at any time. You can even go to many sessions with various instructors. Our Data Science and Artificial intelligence courses include one-on-one live doubt clearing sessions with seasoned MAANG Data scientists. After enrolling, students can take a break followed by resumption and complete their course within one to three years (depending on the course).

Available Data Science and AI Certification Courses by Learnbay in Mumbai

Foundational Data Science and AI Program

Advanced-Data Science and AI Program with Domain Specialization

Data Science and AI Program for Managers and Leaders

Data Science and AI master program

Domain Specialization

Why Domain Specialization?

In Mumbai, 7 out of 10 job seekers roaming around you hold a data science certification. However, 1 out of these 7 experience a successful data science career switch within one year of course completion.

Actually, the data analytics vacancy jobs roles in Mumbai only get filled with such data science professionals that own specific industry-oriented data science knowledge. Without domain expertise and work experience, you can’t offer precise insights or any kind of analytical solutions. Consequently, the recruiters mark your profiles as ‘not a good fit for data scientist positions in Mumbai.

At Learnbay, you get full-stack domain-specialized Data Science Training. Based on your experience, you can choose domains like

Certification Details

IBM Data Science Certification Course in Mumbai

Under the Learnbay provided IBM Data Scientist Course, you may take advantage of live lessons with multiple instructors without dealing with any hassles. Aside from that, you will receive several IBM certifications for different data science and AI micro-skills. So, it's basically a data science course with a career enhancement. Based on the course you choose, you get 1 to 8 certificates. The best part is that once you complete the capstone project associated with the Data Science and AI course available in Mumbai, you get an IBM Project Experience Certificate. Please refer to the respective course brochures to know more about micro-skill certificates.

data science course training in mumbai

What are the most crucial tools and modules for securing a Data Science Job position in Mumbai?

PYTHON and R will be the two key programming languages throughout your Data scientist career in Mumbai. But the most crucial module will be the 'STATISTICS .' Other than that, in order to earn the industrial competency, you have to master the modules like 'MACHINE LEARNING,' 'TIME SERIES,' 'POWER-BI,' 'ADVANCE EXCEL,' 'TABLEAU,' 'BIG DATA,' 'MONGO DB,' 'SPARK ANALYTICS,' 'SQL.'

Each of the modules associated with the data science and AI course in Mumbai by Learnbay includes plenty of updated practical assignments.

How do Learnbay Data Science learning modules become highly profitable for experienced working professionals?

All of our learning modules are solely focused on your domain expertise. So, all the skills and tools you learn here offer your chosen industry's best practices-based training.

How do Learnbay data science modules become the best-fit learning options for non-tech aspirants?

We have added a modules 0 option for non-programmers. These modules also provide 6 to 8 hours of live and interactive training on the basics of R and python programming for data science. These additional classes are free of cost and ensure that you stay on track with your technical batchmates, even though you don’t have any programming experience.

Module Details:

Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)

6 Hours


Anaconda Installation

Basics of Programming

Memory Management

Compiler and Interpreter

Syntax of Python

Basics of Statistics

Python Programming (Basic + Advance)

40 Hours


Git and GitHub

Operators + Data Types + Loops

Functions + Regular Expression

Conditional Statement

File & Exceptional Handling

Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.

Statistics and Machine Learning

70 Hours


Linear Algebra, Probability

Permutation & Combination

Descriptive & Inferential Stats

Hypothesis Testing

Time Series Analysis

ML Algorithms

Industrial Projects & Capstone Projects

12+ Classes


Text Classification

Human Activity Recognition

Forecasting Business KPI's

Credit Risk Analysis

Customer Churn Prediction

Sentiment Analysis

Job Assist Program

Data Science Interview Preparation in Mumbai

Learnbay Data science classes help prepare for interviews. Several company-specific mock interviews ensure our students' confidence at the interview table. Learnbay instructors keep your CV and portfolio competent to attract recruiters. As stated previously, you will receive domain-specific full-stack data scientist training, so your interview preparation will also experience the reflection of the same.

All of our data science courses offer an interview guarantee from top MNC and growing startups across Mumbai as well as India. But in the case of the Data Science program with a 100% job assistance, you can have a money-back option in case of unsuccessful placement (which is very rare in Learnbay). More than 1000 Learnbay Alumni are proudly working in different data science job roles across Mumbai and the entire of India.

We have placement collaborations with different companies like IBM, TCS, Accenture, EY, JP Morgan, etc.

What are the benefits of working as a Data Scientist?

IBM Certified Data scientists own global recognition. Whether it's a multinational one or a startup, everyone wants such a team of data scientists that is specialized in the concerned industrial domain. So, rather than fresh candidates, professionals switching to the data science field are in massive demand. Other than the data science field, you can't even imagine a 200-400% hike with ample job security. The range of data scientist salaries is growing so fast.

Know Our Projects

Live Industrial Data Science Projects:

Learnbay's unique cloud lab feature gives users access to live data science projects from multinational corporations, as well as coaching from Data science experts. You get the option of choosing a live industrial project from 15+ options from your chosen domain(s). In the cloud lab, you can directly observe and practice the data filtering, data mining, data wrangling, and process of live MNC data science projects in Mumbai.

In addition, you get a chance to work on two-three fresh data science capstone projects. For these capstone projects, you get project completion certificates from IBM. Below are some of the Learnbay Data science projects.

data science course training in mumbai

Samsung Health Monitor App

Samsung will launch a new healthcare app soon. The key goal of this app is the accurate human activity tracking and providing relevant health-related recommendations. Continuous analysis of a massive amount of mobile data is required for such an app.

data science course training in mumbai

IBM HR Analytics

IBM intends to boost its HR department by identifying employees' masked inconsistency. They need models to identify the graphical variations in their 14000+ employees' performances. Help them build models with your regressions and other ML abilities.

data science course training in mumbai

Amazon Customer Review Analysis

Amazon has made a goal to identify the most successful consumer electronic products. For these, they require live customer review analysis. You can take part in the assisting project of customer insight regeneration from the ongoing and existing reviews via a suitable data visualization approach.

data science course training in mumbai

BMW Used Car Price Optimization

BMW allows existing customers to sell used cars but many competitors are now offering better resale values. A data science-powered statistical app from BMW will provide the best market value for used cars based on parameters like Km driven, daily pricing up and down, manufacturing dates, and so on. Develop your analytical skills through such projects.

Hear From Our Alumni

60% of Learnbay students in Mumbai secured lucrative data scientist and other Data science job positions within 2 to 3 months of course completion. 30% of the rest also got placed within a year. Even 300+ alumni of the different data science and AI courses are working in leads and managerial positions.

data science course training in mumbai


The quality of the content is very nice. What I liked the most was mainly the instructor concentrating on the practical part, live project sessions make you feel confident to attend interviews. Multiple batch options, access for any instructor class videos or materials. The totally positive environment around.

data science course training in mumbai

Shezan Baig

Learnbay is one of the most remarkable data science institutes I've come across. Compared to other institutes in India, it offers a data science course at a low cost. Excellent value for money. Finally, I achieved job satisfaction. I would strongly advise everyone to attend this institute.

data science course training in mumbai

Viraj Ghodke

For me, learning using the Learnbay platform has been a great experience. The teaching and management team are very helpful. They are constantly willing to clarify each individual's doubts and meet the needs of working professionals. The practice interview sessions were simply like a clone of MNC interviews.

data science course training in mumbai

Shubhangi J. Waghmare

The best in Industry offerings from both cost and curriculum wise. One advantage of joining here is you can access their resources for a lifetime, unlike others where you have accessibility only for a year or so. Most importantly, there is continuous assistance for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for these Data Science Courses in Mumbai?

There are no prerequisites for this Data Science Foundation course as all modules are beginner-friendly and are taught from scratch. We provide special classes and assistance for Non-IT/Non-Programmers. However, basic knowledge of applied Mathematics/Statistics is a must.

What if I miss a few classes due to an emergency?

In case you miss a few classes, you will be provided with backup classes in other batches. But if you could not attend more classes, you can opt for batch change and join the next batch.

What is a Flexi Subscription in these advanced data science courses in Mumbai?

Those who enroll for Data Science live classroom training are eligible for a Flexi Pass. With this option, we will share access to all the ongoing batch details for a period of 1 -3 years, so that you can attend live sessions from any batch and learn at your own pace. This option is best for people working in shifts or on weekends. Flexi Subscription Time-line: Foundational Data Science and AI Training course- 1 Year, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance - 3-years.

What’s the duration of these advanced data science courses in Mumbai?

The duration of these courses is about 6-15 months, which includes live lectures, hands-on practical training on live projects, and interview preparations. Classes will be conducted on weekdays and weekend batches. Monday to Friday - 2 hours/day and Saturday & Sunday - 3.5 hours/day, Foundational Data Science and AI Training course (220+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 6 months, Weekend batch - 8 months, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course (270+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 7 months, Weekend batch - 9 months, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders (340+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 11 months, Weekend batch - 13 months, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance (380+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 13 months, Weekend batch - 15 months

What is the mode of data science in Mumbai at Learnbay?

We provide both classroom and online data science training modes. Based on your requirement, you can choose your preferred mode.

How can I opt for a Hybrid mode of learning in IBM data science training courses in Mumbai, At Learnbay?

Simply, you can choose an online mode of study for the theoretical classes and a classroom mode for all the capstone projects and interview preparation sessions.

24/7 Learner’s Support

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