Refund-Cancellation Policy

Refund-Cancellation Policy

It would help if you had an internet connection and a current and valid payment method to pay for any service, goods, or program made available by Learnbay. We allow you to make payments with our collaboration with payment gateways, and we are not allowed to retain any of your information required during the transaction process.

Before utilizing their services, you must agree to the terms put forth by any third-party company, such as PayPal, PAYTM, RazorPay, etc. Understand that Learnbay is not liable for any information loss that a third-party provider of payment services could cause. Must agree to pay for services using whichever payment option is available on your chosen Platform.

What does your approval mean to us?

You agree to our Refund Policy by using our website, creating an account, or making a purchase.

What's the refund cancellation policy?

There are a few scenarios under which the refund policy will become void:-

1. A user isn't eligible for a refund after the initial trial period of 15 days unless they reached out to Learnbay before

Note: The Master Program is excluded from this please refer to the Terms & Conditions specified for the Master Program.

2. In case, the user opted for a student loan via Learnbay, and the same is already approved (when applying for a refund) approved

Note: No refund or loan cancellation will be possible. The 15 days refund policy will get void here.

3. If a user violates any Terms and Conditions listed on the Learnbay website and leaves the course, Learnbay will cease his/her access

4. If a user shares credentials without the approval of Learnbay will lead to an increase in fines or even expulsion from the course

5. If Learnbay has to cease (permanently) course access due to false or inaccurate information/ illegally managed documents

6. If candidates have not submitted the required documents for application completion even after 3 successive notices, Learnbay has to cease her/his LMS access

7. Enrolled in a course but have not attended the 70% of these trial phase classes within the 15 days of enrolment

In case of refunds:-

Refunds will be granted to the original source used at the time of purchase. For example, if a payment is made through a credit card, then the refund will be initiated in the same payment source, within 5-7 working days. **We require proof of purchase or receipt to complete your return.

In case you get any difficulty, in the refund process then

  • Get in touch with your credit card provider because it can take some time for the refund to appear on your account.
  • Next, contact your bank. There is often a delay in processing refunds.
  • Having followed all of the above steps but still have not received your refund, contact us at -

    For Cancellations please email us at:

    Apply For Counselling