Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy:-

Additionally, Learnbay is entirely interested in preserving your confidentiality. We use the most reputable tools and practices to do so.

Overall, an individual's data is stored and used as per the terms of service and privacy policy.


a. General Purpose

We have a Privacy Policy that states that we collect your personal information when you visit our website or register in our LMS. This is part of account building and validation.

When you visit our website/LMS, we automatically obtain your internet protocol (IP address) address. This information is used to provide us with information that allows us to learn more about your browser and operating systems.

Email marketing (if applicable). We may send emails to you about our store, new product announcements, or other information.

b. User/Employee Benefit Purpose

To manage employee/user benefits and screen applicants, we may collect the following information: your contact information, such as your email address; your preferences on how you prefer to communicate with us or if we can contact you at all; and details about when you interact with our recruitment Website. You can contact us to update any of this information (or ask how to do so) as long as we have not shared that information with others outside the regular business operations.


a. Which way will you consent to our use of your data?

We ask for your consent to use your personal information only to process a transaction, verify credit cards, place orders, and arrange delivery or return items.

We will ask you for your consent if we need your personal data for secondary reasons, such as marketing.

b. How can you revoke your consent?

If after you opt-in, you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use, or disclosure of your information, at any time, by contacting us at or mailing us at HSR Office: Learnbay #1090, 1st floor, 18th cross road HSR layout sector 3, Bangalore - 560102 (Above Sangam Sweets)


Web cookies are defined as any information that is saved in the browser while using the internet. A cookie can identify your browser, provide analytics, and store private data about you.

Your computer might connect to the internet if you visit our Platform. Most likely, different information is recorded when you visit any browser plugin type or version, including platform information, purchase history, and time zone setting. We also use software such as Flash Local Shared Objects (flash cookies) or similar data to collect computer data from some pages of our Website.

We may use software tools like JavaScript to track and gather session data, which includes page response times, download errors, the number of time you spent on particular pages, and how you interacted with those pages (such as by scrolling, clicking, and hovering your mouse over things), and how you navigated away from the page.

To diagnose and prevent fraud, we might collect technical information to identify your device. Information can be used in various ways:-

  • To better serve individuals (your information enables us better to address your requests for customer care and support).
  • To improve our service offerings (We work hard to make improvements to our service offerings depending on the feedback we get from you).
  • To run a promotion or survey periodically.
  • Customer data is collected outside our Website, and third parties, such as advertisers, may be contacted with the customer's information. In addition, potential successors in the case of a reorganization are also notified of this client's personal and non-personal information.

    For instance, we may receive data from another company that offers fraud detection when you sign up for an email address to indicate interest in our product. Here, you can quickly manage how much information needs to be shared across other social media channels, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.


    To track the areas of the website you have visited, "Cookies" are used. Your web browser stores a data file called a cookie on your computer. Cookies allow us to customize the content you see on the website, so we use them. But if you disable cookies, some site features may not work properly. We never use cookies to store personally identifiable data.


    To offer the best service, we may share personal information with third-party advertisers, business partners, and any other company which might be relevant. This data will only be shared with third parties for valuable marketing or sales partnerships.

    To better analyze service usage, your IP address and other data may be shared with third parties, such as web analytics partners, application developers, and ad networks.

    We retain the right to share your personal and non-personal information with third parties if we believe it is necessary or appropriate.


    a. What are the data privacy guidelines for other countries?

    Your data, including information obtained from your use of our website and direct interactions with you, may occasionally be transferred to members of our staff located in different countries around the world. Data may also be viewed and hosted in other countries without data protection laws governing its use by Learnbay. You are aware that this includes nations where the law does not protect data from being seen and used.

    Our privacy and policy profoundly commit to safeguarding users' location and personal data. Here, we use strict measures to safeguard the integrity of the data gathered. By using our platform, users certainly agree to gathering and retaining personal information and location solely to improve their experience and offer relevant services.


    You understand that we cannot ensure the safety of your data forever and that safety is better than many other security systems. We will do our best to make sure we protect your data, but it might become accessible in some cases. Neither humans nor security systems are perfect. People may take intentional steps against you, but we will try our best to help you as a company.


    We may share your information with an affiliated company or other organization that can help us run our business. They will follow our policy on how they use and store data.


    a. Learnbay will keep records of data processing:-

    To abide by the appropriate laws, we have a Data Protection Officer who ensures that we maintain a Data Processing Register. Employees must be proactive in maintaining the Register to ensure compliance with the laws.

    The Data Protection Officer, the Governance Group, and any pertinent business area will perform routine examinations on how we collect, store and share personal data. They determine if these norms of conduct are appropriate to maintain following data collection and protection laws.

    b. How does the Data Controller gather data?

    Learnbay is the Data Controller for all information about you created by this company.

    The organization you should treat as the controller of your data is whichever one acquires your data. So, for example, if you submit Personal Data to Learnbay, the organization behind Learnbay will be treated as the controller.


    Complying with information legislation without a strong records management policy and procedures is impossible. Therefore, records are managed with policies, practices, and procedures that ensure compliance with company records laws and assist in meeting data minimization requirements.


    When we no longer need your data, we either remove it from our system, grossly oversimplify it so we can no longer identify you, or retain it to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. Your personal information will only be kept for the length of time that is required for us to serve you and achieve the stated objectives of this policy.


    a. How To Keep Your Data Protected?

    Several security precautions are taken when information is entered, such as accessing a secure server and providing information via SSL technology from the user's computer to our payment gateway provider.

    When you pay for something on our website, your private information won't be stored anymore after the transaction. However, we can't promise that other people won't have access to your data or computer, which could cause it to be exposed publicly.

    b. Laws and rules:-

    Indian law shall be applied to this Agreement. When using our service, you may also be subject to any additional municipal, state, federal, or foreign laws.

    c. Why you should care about our approval

    Using our site and creating an account or purchase all count as an Agreement to the Privacy Policy.


    This User Agreement covers only Services. Links outside of the service may be found on the Website. We have no control over the content of these websites and take no responsibility. If you click to leave Learnbay's Webpage and visit another, please read the Website's terms. Furthermore, these outside parties could collect information about you via cookies or other techniques.


    We get to update our Privacy and Policy from time to time. For example, updating this status statement based on user feedback or updates to our products and services will let you know by updating the date below.


    Links to third-party websites and services or services from third-party providers may be available.

    Learnbay isn't responsible for any Third-Party Services, and we will not assume responsibility for them. Learnbay is solely providing you with a tool that helps generate custom blog posts.

    If a third party provides links or other support services, please be aware that we are not affiliated with them and have no control over their services.

    Contact our Privacy Compliance Officer if you wish to: learn what personal information we have about you; update or remove any personal information we have about you; file a complaint; or just get more information at

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