“Knowledge is power,”- (Francis Bacon) And we want to empower all our aspirants to succeed.

data science course


To lead the industrial training sector by generating demanding professionals with future proof technical skills and knowledge.

Provide scopes to techies & non-techies all alike.

Ensure an extremely personalized learning experience.

data science course
data science course


Safeguarding your career, even under the most unstable job market scenario, via the acquisition of emerging technology-based unique skills.

Literate everyone with data science knowledge.

Bust the myth that only IT pros can have lucrative careers.

Our Core Team

data science course

Krishna Kumar (Founder)

Skills are what distinguish a novice from a professional. But there is no such skill level that we can call "evergreen." Continuous skill development is the only way to survive in today's highly competitive job market. I want to lead all of the passionate professionals to the peak of their professionals. I want to establish Learnbay as the 'one-stop destination to learn, grow & lead.'

data science course

Nisha Kumari (CEO)

I had a dream of building an educational institute offering a successful career to aspirants. Non-tech candidates lose hope of working for 2-3 years. My dream is to establish an organization beyond certification and create extremely demanding professionals. Data science is a promising future; my entire team is dedicated to training everyone in DS, AI, and full-stack knowledge. I don't want anyone to lose hope anymore.

data science course

Abhishek Gupta (Director)

We work hard to ensure students achieve the ultimate success after course completion. They lose track of careers as "What now?" we save candidates from getting lost in the huge crowd. Our goal is to make sure everyone starts a successful career as DS, AI, and full-stack experts from Learnbay. More than certificates, we enhance our students' skills and knowledge, so they learn to earn through an ever-secure career.

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