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data analytics course training in hyderabad
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data analytics course training in hyderabad

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Program Features

Why Enroll In Data Analytics Course Training in Hyderabad?

Custom-fit Training

Get specially designed modules as per your dream Data Analytics role. Master the trending analytical tools.

data analytics course training in hyderabad
Exclusive Hackathons

Hone newly earned coding skills through multiple coding competitions. Exclusively arranged by Learnbay experts.

Premium Mentoring

Experience the latest tips and tricks of mock interviews and CV writing sessions with PRODUCT Based Companies experts.

Hands-on Experience

Get diligent real-world project experience, spanning from beginner’s level complexity, directly from relevant companies.

Watch our alumni making successful career transition

Learnbay taught me data science. Thanks to Learnbay's domain specialization course, I landed a job in my prior sector and was regarded as an experienced applicant by my firm. I consistently increased my data science knowledge and experience, which led to a 250% hike.

data analytics course training in hyderabad
Chandni Priya

Associate Data scientist at The Math Company

Recommended to anyone who is trying to learn Data Science. Teachers go through every detail and in between they tells you what questions is mostly likely to ask in the interview! Which is important! Also gives you assignments for weekends! Overall really good experience! Worth it!

data analytics course training in hyderabad
Shravanthi A

Data Scientist

Learnbay has helped me a lot to learn data science applications in the e-commerce industry. The live class concept was really helpful in receiving proper DS training. Thanks to all my mentors and the placement team.

data analytics course training in hyderabad
Mohammad Israr

Data scientist (TCS)


Highest Salary Hike

18 LPA

Average Salary Package

About The Program

Learnbay's data analytics course in Hyderabad might be exactly what you need if you wish to pursue a career as a data analyst. As the best data analytics training institute in Hyderabad, Learnbay offers a wide range of IBM certification courses. Our Data Analytics training prepares you for complex analytical problems in different industries.

Learnbay aims to provide specialized online data analytics training that gives learners the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their careers as data analysts. The institute handles everything in the data analytics course, from hands-on training through live data analytics projects to interview preparation for top-tier MNCs. Renowned industry professionals lead our one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions. Learnbay delivers immersive data analytics training that sets it apart as a one-stop resource for anyone looking to become a professional job-ready data analyst.

One of the key features that Learnbay offers is its flexibility. Our online Data Analytics training is designed to match the industry's ever-changing needs. We also offer Job Assistance support suited for both experienced working professionals and early career professionals in any sector. The course's hands-on learning process incorporates interactive sessions with renowned experts. The industry projects provide in-depth coverage of data analysis, data visualization, and regression techniques.

By enrolling in Learnbay's data analytics course in Hyderabad, you'll thoroughly understand the fundamental ideas and real-world uses of data analytics. Throughout the course, you will have access to a wealth of resources and receive individualized support from subject matter experts in the field, making it simpler for you to accomplish your professional objectives. Whether you want to work for a multinational corporation or start your own data analytics venture, this course will prepare you for success. So why wait? Sign up for our data analytics course today and embark on a journey toward a rewarding career in data analytics.

Our data analytics course in Hyderabad also offers learners the opportunity to gain practical experience by working on real-world data analytics projects. With the help of these projects, learners learn to apply their knowledge and skills to solve complex problems businesses and organizations face. It gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

Furthermore, Learnbay has a strong industry connection. It ensures that learners are exposed to the latest trends and practices in data analytics. Data analytics training makes them more valuable to potential employers. With its flexible online format, Job Assistance support, and practical training, our data analytics course in Hyderabad is the ideal choice for anyone looking to build a successful career in data analytics.

We cover the data analytics course using various modules, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Cohort Orientation
  • Special Programming Classes
  • Basic Python Programming
  • Special Python Programming
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Deep Learning
  • Essentials

The course duration of the online Data Analytics training in Hyderabad is 180+ hours. Our trained professionals will tutor you for almost 9 months.

The structured course consists of 4 terms.

Module 0: Preparatory Session

In this module, you will get a brief introduction to data-related tools. You will also learn about particular real-time projects and capstone projects. Data has a lot of impact on career opportunities and plays a vital role in the success of a business. Some other topics that learners will learn about are the significance of data in decision-making, the scope of data in research and development, the fundamentals of programming and statistics, including an introduction to Linear Algebra.

Term 1: Python Programming

Module 1: Basic and Advance Python

In module 1, our experts will teach you the programming basics and environment setup along with python data types and functions and modules. Learners will also learn briefly about File I/O And Exceptional Handling and Regular Expression. An introduction to NumPy, Array Creation, Printing Arrays, introduction to Pandas, and indexing data frames are a few other topics that will be covered in this module.

Term 2: Statistics and Machine Learning

Module 1: Statistics

The next lesson, vital for data science, focuses on teaching fundamental and statistical ideas. After this program, you will understand probability, inferential and descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis (EDA), and data processing. You will also be able to complete four practice assignments relating to statistics to enrich your learning experience further. You can use your newly learned information in these practical exercises, promoting experiential learning.

Module 2: Machine Learning

This module gives you access to the most current machine-learning methods and tools necessary for building models and reaching wise conclusions. The advanced machine learning techniques covered in this subject include support vector machines, principal component analysis (PCA), clustering, K-nearest neighbours (KNN) models, and regression and classification models. (SVM).

Your instructor will walk you through each of these methods, giving you in-depth explanations and examples from the real world to help you understand. After finishing this subject, you'll be prepared to use cutting-edge machine-learning techniques to build solid models and analyze complex data sets.

Term 3: Data Analytics Tools

Module 1 - SQL

Module 2: PowerBI

Module 3: Big Data and Spark Analytics

Module 4: Time Series

Term 4: Excel

Module 1: Essentials

Data Analytics Certification Program in Hyderabad with Placement Assistance

  • This course gives you 1.5 years of limitless access to your learning materials and live class recordings
  • You can choose weekdays or weekends to take the course
  • Experts working at MNC's and Product Based Companies will assist you in online and offline project sessions
  • Highlights of Data Analytics Certification Program in Hyderabad

  • 180+ hours of live sessions
  • 8+ real-time industrial projects
  • Live Project experience
  • 97% average salary hike

Why Should You Choose Learnbay’s Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad?

Learnbay offers the best data analytics online training. Below mentioned are a few key reasons why you should choose us.

  1. 100% live interactive training: The course includes live interactive training sessions led by experienced data analysts. This allows students to interact in real-time with peers and instructors.
  2. Flexible scheduling: It is a feature of Learnbay's data analytics course that makes it simpler for students to juggle their academic obligations with their other commitments.
  3. Sessions guided by experienced data analysts: Learnbay's instructors are skilled data analysts with years of experience working in the sector, providing students with an insightful understanding of practical data analytics techniques.
  4. One-year flexi membership: It is included with the course, enabling students to go at their own pace and go over the course material whenever necessary.
  5. Choose your favourite batch and mentors: Students can pick their preferred batch and mentors to tailor their learning experience.

Data Analytics Trends in Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is quickly becoming a center for data analytics, thanks to the establishment of numerous businesses there. Making judgments based on data using artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of Hyderabad's notable data analytics trends. Businesses use these technologies to analyze massive volumes of data rapidly and correctly, giving them access to insightful information about consumer behaviour, market trends, and corporate operations.

The usage of cloud-based analytics solutions is another trend that is becoming more and more popular in Hyderabad. Businesses can now store and process massive volumes of data on the cloud thanks to the development of cloud-based analytics tools. It allows them to scale their operations quickly while paying the least for infrastructure.

The use of data analytics in the healthcare industry is another trend that is gaining popularity in Hyderabad. Healthcare providers are now utilizing data analytics to enhance patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs due to the growing adoption of electronic health records and the availability of vast patient data. Data analytics locates high-risk people, predicts disease outbreaks, and creates personalized treatment plans. In the upcoming years, the use of data analytics in the healthcare industry is anticipated to expand quickly, making Hyderabad a desirable location for data analytics and healthcare businesses.

Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Hyderabad

Learnbay is considered the best data analytics institute in Hyderabad. Learnbay has established a reputation for turning out highly trained data professionals by emphasizing training that applies to the business. The institute provides a wide range of data analytics courses, including big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

The programs are meant to give students a thorough understanding of the sector’s various data analytics technologies and methods. The Learnbay faculty comprises skilled data experts with a proven track record of achievement. Students work on actual data analytics projects as part of the institute's innovative teaching style, which gives them the hands-on experience they need to thrive in the field. In general, Learnbay is a great option for anyone in Hyderabad who wants to pursue a career in data analytics.

Did You Know?

Data Analytics is a lucrative career option for people interested in the profession because the average data analyst salary in Hyderabad is INR 6 lakhs.

The Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad is gaining momentum with the increasing demand for data analytics in India. Hyderabad is quickly becoming its center, and local companies realize the value of data-driven decision-making. It's hardly surprising that Hyderabad is seeing an increase in demand for qualified data analysts, given that the amount of data produced globally is expected to exceed 463 exabytes by 2025.

The demand for knowledgeable experts in the industry is increasing as businesses in Hyderabad rely more heavily on data analytics. Learnbay offers the best data analytics training in Hyderabad to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals.

Learnbay's Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad is a great place to start if you're interested in a career in data analytics. A course like this might give you the information and abilities required to be successful in this profitable career, given the city's growing demand for data analytics professionals.

Learnbay also provides offline project sessions for machine learning and artificial intelligence courses in Hyderabad.

Certification Details

In Hyderabad, we already have IBM on board with our data analytics industrial initiative. After the course, students will receive an IBM Data Analytics Course Completion certificate.

Learnbay IBM Data analytics training will certainly boost your resume, allowing you to stand out from the pack and attract recruiters' attention.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Learnbay is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive data analytics training in Hyderabad. This Data Analytics Program with placement is tailored to satisfy the industry's ever-changing objectives. Our customized data analytics course in Hyderabad provides basic to advanced data analytics training. We also provide special coding classes for non-programmers who want to strengthen their programming skills.

Countless working professionals have benefited from our data analytics course training in Hyderabad by improving their technical abilities and gaining expertise in various fields.

The IBM data analytics course's modules cover all of the important topics in data analytics tools and methodologies, such as data pretreatment, data exploration, statistical analysis, dashboarding, PowerBI, SQL, etc.

Module Details:

Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)

6 Hours


Anaconda Installation

Basics of Programming

Memory Management

Compiler and Interpreter

Syntax of Python

Basics of Statistics

Python Programming (Basic + Advance)

40 Hours


Git and GitHub

Operators + Data Types + Loops

Functions + Regular Expression

Conditional Statement

File & Exceptional Handling

Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.


50 Hours


Linear Algebra, Probability

Permutation & Combination

Descriptive Stats

Hypothesis Testing

Time Series Analysis

Inferential Stats

Industrial Projects & Capstone Projects

6+ Classes


Visualize Daily Wikipedia Trends

Color Detection Project

Real-time Auto Tracking

Web Scrapping

Fake News Detection

Movie Recommendation

Job Assist Program

Learnbay aims to introduce high-quality data analysts in Hyderabad. For candidates looking for positions in data analytics, we conduct mock interviews as part of our job support program. We also assist the students with resume writing, technical skills training, and soft skill development.

Our good terms with MNCs and IBM have aided many students in obtaining positions as data analysts in the top leading businesses in the shortest period feasible. Approximately 700+ Learnbay students have already achieved high-paying jobs with Multinational firms such as Amazon, TCS, EY, JP Morgan, and Oracle after completing the course.

Roles as Data Analyst

Data analysts are in high demand in a lot of industries in Hyderabad. A professional data analyst organizes, analyzes, and stores data to assist businesses in making strategic decisions. A data analyst should have a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of trending analytical tools. Furthermore, they should be able to utilize their knowledge of data collection and analysis to arrive at significant conclusions.

Learners may use IBM data analytics training to make better business decisions. Our data analytics training course in Hyderabad shows you the real differences between predictive, descriptive, and automated analytics. By pursuing this course, you can learn the most in-demand data analytics skills and land a job with one of Hyderabad's top firms within 6 to 8 months. The different roles of data analytics are

Junior Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Data Analytics consultant, Financial Analyst, HR Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Operation Analyst, etc.

Know Our Projects

Learnbay's goal is to help students obtain practical hands-on experience by completing several projects with the help of our mentors. You will have the opportunity to work on five popular data analytics projects as part of the data analytics course curriculum in Hyderabad. One of the most appealing aspects of the IBM data analytics course is its premium cloud lab access, which allows students to examine the data handling and mining processes in real-world MNC projects. These live projects associated with the Learnbay data analytics course in Hyderabad Make learning more efficient and industry-paced.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Samsung Health Monitor App

Samsung will launch a new healthcare app soon. The key goal of this app is an accurate human activity tracking and providing relevant health-related recommendations. Continuous analysis of a massive amount of mobile data is required for such an app.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

IBM HR Analytics

IBM intends to boost its HR department by identifying employees' masked inconsistency. They need models to identify the graphical variations in their 14000+ employees' performances. Help them build models with your regressions and other ML abilities.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Amazon Customer Review Analysis

Amazon has made a goal to identify the most successful consumer electronic products. For these, they require live customer review analysis. You can take part in the assisting project of customer insight regeneration from the ongoing and existing reviews via a suitable data visualization approach.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

BMW Used Car Price Optimization

BMW allows existing customers to sell used cars but many competitors are now offering better resale values. A data science-powered statistical app from BMW will provide the best market value for used cars based on parameters like Km driven, daily pricing up and down, manufacturing dates, and so on. Develop your analytical skills through such projects.

Hear From Our Alumni

Learnbay works tirelessly to help many aspiring data analysts in Hyderabad achieve their career goals. Our strong links with MNCs and IBM have aided numerous students in obtaining positions around the top leading organizations in the shortest period feasible. More than 700 students have already landed lucrative data analytics job roles at international corporations such as Amazon, TCS, EY, JP Morgan, and Mercedes. Below are a few of the stories shared by our alumni.

data analytics course training in hyderabad


The quality of the content is very nice. What I liked the most was mainly the instructor concentrating on the practical part, live project sessions make you feel confident to attend interviews. Multiple batch options, access for any instructor class videos or materials. The totally positive environment around.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Shezan Baig

Learnbay is one of the most remarkable data science institutes I've come across. Compared to other institutes in India, it offers a data science course at a low cost. Excellent value for money. Finally, I achieved job satisfaction. I would strongly advise everyone to attend this institute.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Viraj Ghodke

For me, learning using the Learnbay platform has been a great experience. The teaching and management team are very helpful. They are constantly willing to clarify each individual's doubts and meet the needs of working professionals. The practice interview sessions were simply like a clone of MNC interviews.

data analytics course training in hyderabad

Shubhangi J. Waghmare

The best in Industry offerings from both cost and curriculum wise. One advantage of joining here is you can access their resources for a lifetime, unlike others where you have accessibility only for a year or so. Most importantly, there is continuous assistance for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for the Data Analytics Training Course in Hyderabad?

There are no prerequisites for this Data Analytics certification course in Hyderabad as all modules are beginner-friendly and are taught from scratch. We provide special classes and assistance for Non-IT/Non-programmers. However, basic knowledge of applied Mathematics/Statistics is a must.

What if I miss a few classes due to an emergency?

In case you miss a few classes, you will be provided with backup classes in other batches. But if you could not attend more classes, you can opt for batch change and join the next batch.

What is a Flexi Subscription in the Data Analytics Certification Program in Hyderabad?

Those who enroll for Data Analytics live classroom training are eligible for a Flexi Pass. With this option, we will share access to all the ongoing batch details for a period of 1 year, so that you can attend live sessions from any batch and learn at your own pace. This option is best for people working in shifts or on weekends.

What’s the duration of the Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad?

The duration of this Data Analytics Course is about 6 months ( 180 hours) which includes live lectures, hands-on practical training on live projects, and interview preparations. Classes will be conducted on weekdays and weekend batches. Weekday batch - 4.5 months Monday to Friday - 2 hours/day Weekend batch - 6 months Saturday & Sunday - 3.5 hours/day

What is the mode of Data Analytics training at Learnbay, Hyderabad?

We provide both classroom and online Data Analytics training modes. Based on your requirement, you can choose your preferred mode.

How can I opt for a Hybrid mode of learning in Hyderabad?

Simply, you can choose an online mode of study for the theoretical classes and a classroom mode for all the real-time projects and interview preparation sessions.

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