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Learnbay has brought you the best online data science courses in India. Become a pro in data science in your chosen domain by practicing 12+ industrial projects under the guidance of industry experts. Stand out from the crowd by enrolling in the Data Science courses in india now!

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India’s top Advanced data science certification courses for working professionals

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IBM Project Certificate

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Discover the impact of our programs on career growth

Preksha Mishra

Working at HCL


"I had a great learning experience at Learnbay. The faculties here are top notch. Right from enrollment to getting a good job ..."Learn More


140% Hike

Mohammad Israr

Working at TCS


"Thanks to the Learnbay data science course and outstanding assistance, I could ace the TCS interview and secure a job..."Learn More


210% Hike

Aravind Kumar

SA - Data Scientist


"Choosing Learnbay was my best decision ever. The instructors were encouraging and glad to answer questions. The best feature is that ..."Learn More


142% Hike

Ritish Kumar

Working at Capgemini


"I always had a dilemma about how to switch to the IT field until I stumbled upon the foundation data science course offered by Learnbay..."Learn More


150% Hike

Sourabh Mourya

Working at HCL


"Flexible classes have helped me to manage my job schedule. Learning Data Science directly from MNC experts provided the chance ..."Learn More


150% Hike

Abhishek Singh

Working at AGS


"I got placed at AGS within 9 months of joining Learnbay institute. Live interaction sessions are the best part here since ..."Learn More


132% Hike


Working at Bridge i2i


"One on One counseling from experts has guided me to make the right decision. The Learnbay team was amazing in assisting me with ..."Learn More


127% Hike

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₹ 99,000 + 18% GST

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Who Is This Program For?


Bachelor's degree with consistent good academics

Work experience

Minimum 1 year of IT/Non-IT work experience

Career stage

Early to mid-career professionals interested in data science


To become a data-driven professional & optimise strategies

About The Program

Industry-paced finest data science course in India:-

A well-approached educational training is crucial for understanding the industrial direction of data science, and Learnbay offers the best data science courses in India. With their years of experience in the field of data science, they typically provide the best-suited industry-paced training in Data Science courses, both online and offline.

Learnbay's data science courses have already earned massive hype amongst the working professional community of India. The data science course presented here offers a wide range of specializations and is accessible to anyone with any area of expertise. LearnBay's data science course is one of the best proven industrial training programs and has already gifted a lucrative career transition to more than 10,000 professional strugglers. If you want to be an ever-growing data scientist, then Learnbay can be the ideal place for you. Here, individuals can find the most fantastic data science courses with assurance and advancement.

The data science course in India from Learnbay is developed to address the most recent technological advancements and challenges, ensuring that it is constantly in line with what employers are looking for in data scientists. We provide all the demanding practical experience that is sought by top MNCs through data science courses and certification programs, encouraging a strong belief in and commitment from the enrolled students.

How does Learnbay become the best data science courses in India?

Affordability and Assurance:

When it comes to the best data science courses in India, the essential factor to consider is affordability and assurance. Being the second most populated country, the Indian job market is extremely competitive. Learnbay provides the best and most affordable data science courses in India, with excellent Job Assistance assistance (interview assurance) and globally recognized certification. So, at the end of the course, you are bound to stay under the spotlight of the current job market skill demand.

Personalized 1:1 attention:

Additionally, We offer peer-to-peer discussion and Doubt Clearing Sessions with experienced PRODUCT Based Companies data scientists.

Flexible subscription and live learning:

For your convince, you can even pause the data science course in between to complete the course at your leisure (but through live classes only).

Trending and live MNC projects:

All of Learnbay's data science projects include the special feature of a cloud lab, where one can easily sign up and access real data science projects from MNCs and assistance from leading industry professionals.

Domain Specialization:

The magic key of Learnbay data science courses in India is the domain-specialized modules. This is the prime feature that has already helped 10K+ professionals to land a successful career transition even after 7+ years of massive career dissatisfaction.

So, these are the key features that make the Learnbay training course with domain specialization the best data science courses in India.

Here are some of the best Data Science Courses in India from Learnbay:

Foundational Data Science and AI Program

Advanced-Data Science and AI Program with Domain Specialization

Data Science and AI Program for Managers and Leaders

Data Science and AI master program

Domain Specialization

Why is domain specialization too demanding?

Domain specialization has a significant impact on your job opportunities. It's quite difficult to change a domain after several years of experience. You need to restart your career from zero, which leads to salary as well as designation degradation.

But at Learnbay, you can get experience choosing a suitable domain after your profile is thoroughly analyzed by our mentors and experts. Domain-specialized modules are something that can be emphasized through your prior professional experiences. So, while going into the data science field, you will not be considered freshers. So you can expect a promotion in your career in actuality.

Core domain expertise has grown to be highly important, and the organization today has been looking for data specialists with targeted and specialized domain competence. There are numerous data science domains available, and selecting one will undoubtedly enable you to deliver precise and helpful insights into your tasks. Learnbay Data science courses in India usually offer a diverse choice of domains.

Certification Details

IBM accredited Best Data Science Training in India-

Enrolling in Learnbay data science courses in India gives you the unique opportunity to learn and get authorized IBM certificates after completing various course modules. IBM is a worldwide recognized certification that can lead to fantastic employment opportunities

The best part is that you get a project experience certificate from IBM on the successful completion of data science capstone projects.

data science course in India

Understanding and mastering the most successful data science tools and modules through Learnbay’s Data science courses in India -

Do you want to enhance your coding skills but don't know where to begin?

If you come from a non-technological background, then Learnbay is the perfect choice for you. To deal with coding comprehension, you can take certain specialized coding classes at Learnbay. Additionally, the data science course in India offers you the chance to gain practical knowledge and experience with the inclusion of 8 MNC projects and 1 company project. You can attend various classes in our course module and choose your instructor accordingly. If you have any questions, our one-on-one sessions are a terrific opportunity to receive clarity and a better understanding of the topic.

You will learn how to use numerous data science tools in Learnbay's Data science course in India. All of these tools are taught by industry-based data science experts. You will gain valuable knowledge in probability, statistics, and mathematical analysis. Additionally, the in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and python modules and algorithms-related knowledge is provided in a systematic way. You will also discover MONGO-DB, TABLEAU, POWER BI, BIG DATA, and other tools which will assist you in finishing data science with top-notch proficiency.

Module Details:

Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)

6 Hours


Anaconda Installation

Basics of Programming

Memory Management

Compiler and Interpreter

Syntax of Python

Basics of Statistics

Python Programming (Basic + Advance)

40 Hours


Git and GitHub

Operators + Data Types + Loops

Functions + Regular Expression

Conditional Statement

File & Exceptional Handling

Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.

Statistics and Machine Learning

70 Hours


Linear Algebra, Probability

Permutation & Combination

Descriptive & Inferential Stats

Hypothesis Testing

Time Series Analysis

ML Algorithms

Industrial Projects & Capstone Projects

12+ Classes


Text Classification

Human Activity Recognition

Forecasting Business KPI's

Credit Risk Analysis

Customer Churn Prediction

Sentiment Analysis

Job Assist Program

Job assistance and interview preparation through the best Data science training in India.

Jobs are now the learner's primary priority when enrolling in any data science course in India. With Learnbay's best data science courses in India, you will be offered unlimited interview call assurance within a specific domain. You will be prepared through practice interviews, software skill development, and resume building.

The majority of students who have opted for data science courses from Learnbay were hired by top MNCs like TCS, Amazon, JP Morgan, etc., even with a 250% salary hike.

Is it worthwhile to opt for working as a Data scientist in India?

There are many benefits to working as a data scientist in India. Due to the high demand for data scientists, businesses are willing to pay the highest pay for skilled data scientists. Data science is also a flexible discipline with a bright future. Businesses rely heavily on data scientists to create smart, useful goods and services. Being a data scientist is a fulfilling and enjoyable job that has the potential to change the world.

What exactly does the term data science mean?

Data science generally entails extracting knowledge and information from specific data sets, commonly known as Big Data. It uses a comprehensive approach to extract meaningful insights into the organization. Additionally, all of these organized insights can be examined to provide high-level decisions in various domains.

What does a data scientist actually do?

The specific task of a data scientist is to analyze and interpret system data in order to extract valuable insights. They employ their expertise to gather data that can benefit firms in a variety of ways, such as enhancing marketing initiatives, client relations, supply chain management, and strategic business decision-making. Most importantly, data scientists use both structured and unstructured data from a variety of organizational sources to refine the data for useful references of information.

Businesses are now turning to data scientists in order to leverage structured data, and this is because those professionals have the ability to understand the data and generate revenue outcomes for the organization. This makes it clear that data scientists' roles in the commercial sector will only become more crucial.

The essential skills for becoming a professional data scientist in India.

To work as a data scientist, you must be proficient in statistical analysis and computing, machine learning, deep learning, processing substantial data sets, data visualization, data wrangling, programming, and communication. These essential skills and abilities will help you succeed as a professional data scientist.

Know Our Projects

Live Industrial Data Science Projects:

Projects serve as the foundation for any form of data science course in India. Keeping the objective in mind, Learnbay offers an opportunity to experience 12+ live industrial projects from different MNCs. All of these projects are designed in such a way that they will prepare you for job interviews and the actual workplace culture as a data scientist. Below are a few of the top-notch data science projects that our students have already completed, so you can get an idea of how it works.

data science course in India

Samsung Health Monitor App

Samsung will launch a new healthcare app soon. The key goal of this app is an accurate human activity tracking and providing relevant health-related recommendations. Continuous analysis of a massive amount of mobile data is required for such an app.

data science course in India

IBM HR Analytics

IBM intends to boost its HR department by identifying employees' masked inconsistency. They need models to identify the graphical variations in their 14000+ employees' performances. Help them build models with your regressions and other Data science abilities.

data science course in India

Amazon Customer Review Analysis

Amazon has made a goal to identify the most successful consumer electronic products. For these, they require live customer review analysis. You can participate in the assisting project of customer insight regeneration from the ongoing and existing reviews via a suitable data visualization approach.

data science course in India

BMW Used Car Price Optimization

BMW allows existing customers to sell used cars but many competitors are now offering better resale values. A data science-powered statistical app from BMW will provide the best market value for used cars based on parameters like Km driven, daily pricing up and down, manufacturing dates, etc. Develop your analytical skills through such projects.

Hear From Our Alumni

Learnbay has assisted 10K+ professionals in recent years with fulfilling their potential and providing a wonderful career outlook, which has helped them become excellent data scientists. Below are a few of our alums who have undergone their experience through Learnbay's best data science courses in India and had a great career.

data science course in India


The quality of the content is very nice. What I liked the most was mainly the instructor concentrating on the practical part, live project sessions make you feel confident to attend interviews. Multiple batch options, access for any instructor class videos or materials. The totally positive environment around.

data science course in India

Shezan Baig

Learnbay is one of the most remarkable data science institutes I've come across. Compared to other institutes in India, it offers a data science course at a low cost. Excellent value for money. Finally, I achieved job satisfaction. I would strongly advise everyone to attend this institute.

data science course in India

Viraj Ghodke

For me, learning using the Learnbay platform has been a great experience. The teaching and management team are very helpful. They are constantly willing to clarify each individual's doubts and meet the needs of working professionals. The practice interview sessions were simply like a clone of MNC interviews.

data science course in India

Shubhangi J. Waghmare

The best in Industry offerings from both cost and curriculum wise. One advantage of joining here is you can access their resources for a lifetime, unlike others where you have accessibility only for a year or so. Most importantly, there is continuous assistance for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for these Data Science training Courses in India?

There are no prerequisites for this Data Science Foundation course as all modules are beginner-friendly and are taught from scratch. We provide special classes and assistance for Non-IT/Non-Programmers. However, basic knowledge of applied Mathematics/Statistics is a must.

What if I miss a few classes due to an emergency?

In case you miss a few classes, you will be provided with backup classes in other batches. But if you could not attend more classes, you can opt for batch change and join the next batch.

What is a Flexi Subscription in these advanced data science courses in India?

Those who enroll for Data Science live classroom training are eligible for a Flexi Pass. With this option, we will share access to all the ongoing batch details for a period of 1 -3 years, so that you can attend live sessions from any batch and learn at your own pace. This option is best for people working in shifts or on weekends. Flexi Subscription Time-line: Foundational Data Science and AI Training course- 1 Year, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance - 3-years.

What’s the duration of these advanced data science courses in India?

The duration of these courses is about 6-15 months, which includes live lectures, hands-on practical training on live projects, and interview preparations. Classes will be conducted on weekdays and weekend batches. Monday to Friday - 2 hours/day and Saturday & Sunday - 3.5 hours/day, Foundational Data Science and AI Training course (220+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 6 months, Weekend batch - 8 months, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course (270+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 7 months, Weekend batch - 9 months, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders (340+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 11 months, Weekend batch - 13 months, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance (380+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 13 months, Weekend batch - 15 months

What is the mode of Data Science Course In India at Learnbay?

We provide both classroom and online data science training modes. Based on your requirement, you can choose your preferred mode.

How can I opt for a Hybrid mode of learning in IBM data science training courses in India, At Learnbay?

Simply, you can choose an online mode of study for the theoretical classes and a classroom mode for all the capstone projects and interview preparation sessions.

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