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Enhance your Data Science career with the best Data Science courses in Bangalore with IBM Certification. Our advanced Data Science training will help you to make experts in Python, Power BI, etc. You will get training from industry leaders and masters to gain the most in-demand data science and AI skills.

data science course in bangalore
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data science course in bangalore

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We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

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Program Features

Why is Learnbay the best institute for Data Science in Bangalore?

Custom-fit Training

Get specially designed modules as per your dream DS role. Learn innovative AI applications.

data science course in bangalore
Domain Focused

Obtain cutting-edge Al and DS skills as per demanding industry standards. Choose from 8+ electives.

Premium Mentoring

Learn how to crack interviews by attending CV writing workshops & mock interviews with PRODUCT Based Companies expertise.

Hands-on Experience

Get the diligent experience of real-world projects, spanning from advanced level complexity, directly from relevant companies.

Watch our alumni making successful career transition

Learnbay taught me data science. Thanks to Learnbay's domain specialization course, I landed a job in my prior sector and was regarded as an experienced applicant by my firm. I consistently increased my data science knowledge and experience, which led to a 250% hike.

data science course in bangalore
Chandni Priya

Associate Data scientist at The Math Company

Recommended to anyone who is trying to learn Data Science. Teachers go through every detail and in between they tells you what questions is mostly likely to ask in the interview! Which is important! Also gives you assignments for weekends! Overall really good experience! Worth it!

data science course in bangalore
Shravanthi A

Data Scientist

Learnbay has helped me a lot to learn data science applications in the e-commerce industry. The live class concept was really helpful in receiving proper DS training. Thanks to all my mentors and the placement team.

data science course in bangalore
Mohammad Israr

Data scientist (TCS)


Highest Salary Hike

18 LPA

Average Salary Package

About The Program

Learnbay's Data Science course in Bangalore is structured online training that allows you to gain skills and expertise in core aspects of data science, AI, and ML, which are responsible for transforming the business landscape. Data Science is undoubtedly considered the most important phenomenon for business growth in the 21st century. Indeed, a career in Data Science is the most rewarding one. Data Science courses are specifically created to help aspiring data scientists secure their careers with the Data Science foundation.

Learnbay's Data Scientist course in Bangalore is designed to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge on all elements of Data Science, including Programming, Maths, Statistics, AI, Machine learning, and the business side of Data science. It allows students to gain the in-demand spectrum of data science skills and provide appropriate Data Science solutions to Business problems

Data Science has found much importance in business applications in organizations. The vast majority of modern industries work closely with data and base all of their crucial decisions on the insightful information derived from it. In today’s business world, a competent Data Scientist is a major part of a company's workforce since they draw future plans based on data. Further, IBM has reported that there will be over 7,00,000 new job opportunities in Data Science and AI in the upcoming years.

Bangalore is one of the world's major cities, with an impressive infrastructure and abundant business opportunities. It is also considered the IT hub of India, where many tech companies and startups are happening. It puts data scientists' jobs in high demand across various domains. Data Scientist is also a lucrative career with a high package in Bengaluru. As mentioned in glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Bengaluru is INR 11,00,000 annually.

Learnbay Provides the best online data science courses in Bangalore. MNC experts design it as per the current industry requirements and to help the data science aspirants in the city transform their careers. The Data Science online course is conducted via live interactive classes by industry trainers..

Learnbay, in Bangalore, offers certification programs in collaboration with IBM, which are globally recognized. The data science course comes with a duration of 6 months with 300+ Hrs of online training. Faculties with extensive industry experience and dedicated subject matter expertise. One-on-one mentorship, Placement assistance including resume building sessions, soft skill training, mock interviews, extensive networks for job opportunities, practical hands-on learning sessions withcapstone and 15+ real-world data science projects.

It is a complete training course with detailed learning covering multiple modules, including:
  • Data Science Foundation
  • Python for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Maths for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Preparation with Pandas
  • Data Visualisation with Python
  • Tableau Foundations for Data analysis
  • Big Data Foundation
  • Model deployment (Flask-API)
  • R Language Essentials
  • Deep Learning
  • SQL for Data Science
The IBM Certified Data Scientist course in Bangalore has a 9-month (300+ hours) course duration.

The Structured data science course consists of 4 - Terms:

Module 0 - Preparatory Classes (Programming+Maths)

This Preparatory module helps you familiarize yourself with Data Science and Machine Learning basics. It is a preliminary phase to help individuals, particularly non-programmers, become comfortable with the basics of maths, programming, and data science foundation. This module covers basic Python And R, Basic Mathematics, Essential Statistics for Data Science, Introduction to Anaconda, Jupyter notebook, Git and Github for data science, and other practical materials.

Term 1 - Python For Data Science

Module (1) Python Programming

It is the essential part of the course, with full-time dedicated training sessions throughLive Instructor-Led Online Training. This module covers the fundamentals of Python Programming, which is an essential tool to get started as a modern data scientist. Here, you will learn basic programming, Python data types, Functions and modules, libraries including Numpy and Pandas, and case studies using Python libraries.

Term 2 - Statistics and Machine Learning

Module (1) - Statistics

This next essential module focuses on basic to advanced statistics concepts for Data science. This module will equip you with the fundamentals of statistics and probability, inferential and descriptive statistics, EDA, and data processing. You will also receive 4 practice assignments on statistics for experiential learning.

Module (2) - Machine Learning

In this module of the data science course, the trainer will equip you with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and tools, which are essential for model building and, thereby, decision-making. This module covers advanced ML techniques, including regression and classification models, KNN-model, Clustering techniques, PCA, and Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Term 3 - Data Science Tools

Module (1) - SQL

Module (2) - MongoDB

Module (3) - Tableau

Module (4) - PowerBI

Module (5) - Big Data and Spark Analytics

Module (6) - Time Series

Term 4 - Artificial Intelligence Tools

Module (1) - Deep learning using TensorFlow

Module (2) - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Module (3) - Model Training and Deployment (Using AWS GCP)

Lastly, it supports the students to practise their knowledge at a cloud lab at their convenience.

Upon completing these structured 4-Terms Learnbay's Data Science Training, you will be confident in your ability to perform your 'SuperHero duty' as a Data Scientist in leading firms.

Premium Features of Data Scientist Training in Bangalore

Live Interactive Classes: The classes are hassle-free and completely online, where you can interact with trainers and other students.

One-on-one Mentorship: You will be provided a mentor who can guide you throughout the training from project inception to completion to placement.

Live Project Sessions: You will gain hands-on experience by working on 15+ live projects from global MNCs under the supervision of project mentors. An exclusive feature of cloud lab is also available.

Doubt Clearance Sessions: Multiple Q&A sessions are conducted to clarify your doubts with our instructors, even after the course completion.

Resume-building Support: You can create a job-ready resume and portfolio with experts and mentors to help you get shortlisted by potential employers.

Interview Preparation: Learnbay trainers will equip you with the latest and in-demand interview Q&A to confidently face the tricky PRODUCT Based Companies interviews.

Mock Interviews: By participating in several mock interviews, our professionals will assist you in improving your interview success rate and accelerating the hiring process.

Data Science Foundation Program in Bangalore with Placement Assistance

  1. The data science foundation course is a beginner-friendly course explicitly crafted to allow non-technical aspirants to reshape their careers in this lucrative field.
  2. You will be learning everything from basic data science techniques to advanced AIML, Data Science Project Workflow, Cutting-edge data science and AI tools, Various Roles in Data Science, and real-world applications of Data Science from our data science classes in Bangalore.
  3. This program’s data science course fee is INR 75,000, excluding GST.

Highlights of the Data Science Foundation Program in Bangalore

  1. Consists of 200 hours of live sessions
  2. Global recognition from IBM
  3. Career assistance for professionals
  4. Capstone project completion certificate from IBM
  5. 12+ real-time industrial projects.

Advance Data Science and AI Course in Bangalore with Placement Assistance

  1. The Advance data science course is designed meticulously for professionals of all domains and levels of experience.
  2. This course covers everything from advanced data science and AI tools and techniques, including visualisation, data processing, EDA, feature engineering, and model deployment.
  3. The advanced data science course fees in Bangalore are INR 95,000, exclusive of GST.

Highlights of Advance Data Science and AI Course in Bangalore

  1. Consists of 200 hours of live sessions
  2. Global recognition from IBM
  3. Career assistance for professionals
  4. Capstone project completion certificate from IBM
  5. 12+ real-time industrial projects.

Data Science and AI for Managers & Leaders in Bangalore with Placement Assistance

  1. This training course is a comprehensive program offered by Learnbay specifically crafted for those in senior and managerial positions about the top-notch tools and techniques used to draw valuable insights.
  2. Managers in every organization must have a strong understanding of data science to make data-driven decisions effectively and boost revenue growth.
  3. The course fee for this manager course is INR 105,000, exclusive of GST.

Highlights of Data Science and AI program for Managers and Leaders in Bangalore

  1. Consists of 400+ hours of live sessions
  2. 15+ real-time industrial projects
  3. Online sessions guided by professionals working in top MNCs
  4. A variety of financing options are available to make it more economical

Data Science and AI Master Program in Bangalore with Placement Assistance

  1. This domain-specialized data science course is a complete boot camp covering everything a data scientist must possess.
  2. The duration of this master's program is 15 to 17 months, depending on your preferred batch (week and weekend).
  3. After completing this course, you will become an expert data scientist and be able to manage teams in leading firms.
  4. The course fee for this master's program is 125,000, exclusive of GST.

Highlights of Data Science and AI Master Program in Bangalore

  1. Consists of 500+ hours of live sessions
  2. 35 LPA - 50 LPA salary package
  3. 20+ real-time industrial projects.
  4. Practical covering of real-time industrial projects and case studies
Note: All data science courses at Learnbay come with the option of no-cost EMI.

Learnbay’s Domain-Specific Data Science Course in Bangalore

  1. Finance Domain - Finance-related investments in data science offer a wide range of career options. Cybersecurity, data science, machine learning, and AI are just a few topics focused on technology. Blockchain development and quantitative investing are two jobs that require financial expertise.
  2. Operations Domain - Data science and analytics allow us to gather relevant data, unearth insights, and make data-driven decisions by helping us to comprehend an organization’s operations.
  3. Marketing Domain - Data science is heavily used in marketing-related fields like consumer engagement, SEO, and profiling. New data science and analytics applications in marketing are also being developed daily.
  4. HR Domain - A data science expert on the HR team can provide the company information for effectively managing personnel, enabling it to move towards its objectives steadily. Data science is a ground-breaking technique that enables businesses to track costs and the outcomes of candidate engagement programs statistically and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various HR activities.
  5. Healthcare Domain - According to a survey, healthcare fields store 30% of all global data. The information in these fields can assist the government in various ways. Medical imaging is one of the most effective healthcare data science applications. Data Science, combined with Machine Learning, teaches computers to interpret MRIs, X-rays, mammograms, and other medical reports.
  6. E-Commerce, Retail, and Supply Chain Domain - Students who take this elective learn how to analyze data and find significant insights to provide businesses with a competitive edge. Sentiment analysis, Google Analytics, NLP, recommendation systems, deep learning, text analysis, and customer behavioral analytics are examples of the RSCA process. This domain program aims to acquaint participants with the fundamentals, components, business models, and other facets of managing an e-commerce organization.
  7. Manufacturing Domain - Manufacturing creates products by applying human labor, equipment, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. The most commonly used term in the context of industrial design, the secondary sector of the economy, refers to human activity ranging from handicrafts to high tech.

Data Science Trends in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to a youthful generation of technological natives with the business acumen and creativity to fuel the global tech industry. Moreover, AI, machine learning, and IoT are saturating the market and improving the ecosystem amid this storm of the entrepreneurial revolution. The city has enormous potential for growth in the coming decades and expanding revenue.

Learnbay offers flexible learning options, from dedicated Data Science Online Training in Bangalore to offline Data Science classroom training for project sessions, to exceptional recorded videos via Learnbay LMS.

A recent LinkedIn survey indicates that data science has significantly increased in demand over the past three years, with a 37% surge.

Learnbay Data Science course fees in Bangalore ranges from INR 75,000 to INR 1,25,000 according to your preferred domain and learning choice. Refer to the site’s desired course page for other data science course fees.

Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore

Are you looking for the Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore?

You are certainly in the right place! Learnbay is paving the way to becoming India's most reputable training institute. Learnbay delivers real-time, qualitative training at affordable pricing. Learnbay institute has proudly assisted over 500+ aspirants in pursuing their dream careers. IBM being our accreditation partner, has global recognition.

Learnbay Institute provides all-inclusive training from industry professionals to help you become a hero to rule the world. Thus, acquiring Learnbay Training is undoubtedly your best career choice.

Almost every business needs data since it helps them make decisions based on current facts, statistics, and trends. The demand for data is only going up. Therefore data science has become a multifaceted field.

Why Choose Learnbay Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore?

Learnbay offers affordable, high-quality, real-time training courses to graduates and IT professionals wanting to upgrade their skills. In today's age of technological explosion, it is inevitable to have diverse knowledge and skills to operate cutting-edge technology. Technology is paving the way for a better future, and we can master the field by being acquainted with it.

Data science is necessary for this fourth industrial revolution era, and data scientists are now the carrier of big data. It is also reported that the market size of data science platforms is expected to be worth USD 178 billion by 2025.

In the last few years, the volume of data generated, collected, and reproduced globally escalated from 1.2 trillion GB to 59 trillion GB, almost a 5,000% growth. What will data do in the coming years?

Data Scientist course in Bangalore is the entry point to the best IT systems in the city; becoming a data scientist has never been so easy. Sign up for Data Science Online Training in Bangalore to upgrade your skills to secure a lucrative career!

Did You Know?

The Average Data Scientist's Salary in India is INR 10 lakhs per year. Further, the average Data Scientist Salary in Bangalore as mentioned in - is INR 989,454 per annum. Ultimately, Learnbay's Data Scientist Course in Bangalore can help you break through in the data science field!

Learnbay also provides classroom mode for projects (Project Innovation Labs) in machine learning, artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore and data science courses.

Domain Specialization

Why Domain Specialization?

Choosing the correct domain affects your course and career. Our mentors and experts at Learnbay will guide you to choose the right domain after analyzing your profile. Your domain will help you understand the course and project better, and you will excel in the same domain as an expert once you complete advanced data science training in Bangalore by Learnbay.

Moreover, in today's competitive data science job market companies are lacking data scientists having core domain expertise. Just for an example, if you have been appointed as a data scientist in a pharmaceutical company then without the pharma or chemical knowledge you can’t offer the best achievable analytical reports/ insights. What domains do Learnbay data science certification courses in Bangalore have?

Learnbay Data science programs in Bangalore have a wide range of domains for students.

Certification Details

Data Science Certificates by IBM

Learnbay Data science classes in Bangalore provide IBM project experience certification and multiple IBM Data science certificates on completion of different modules. Based on the course you choose, you get the chance of achieving 6 to 8 certifications. And the best part is that all of them are from IBM. Each of these micro-skills certificates globally authorizes your different data science skills and tools expertise.

data science course in bangalore

What are the most important tools and modules you learn at the Learnbay Data science Certificate program in Bangalore?

Learnbay provides a space for non-techies to learn and improve coding skills in special basic coding classes. Clear any doubt at Learnbay in 1-1 sessions for a clear understanding. Bangalore's Learnbay Data science course consists of 8 MNC projects and 1 capstone project. You can even attend multiple classes and instructors as you like.

Learnbay faculties help you to operate Data science tools. The tools can be Oracle, Database, MYSQL, SQL server, or tera data. Our experts teach you how to use your probability, statistics, and mathematical analysis skills. At Learnbay, you master R, Python, and SAS; these are the few tools for analyzing data. Learn Python, Statistics, Machine learning, Advance Excel, SQL, MONGO-DB, TABLEAU, POWER BI, BIG DATA, SPARK ANALYTICS, and TIME SERIES. These are the programs you will learn to work with while completing your data science course in Bangalore.

Module Details:

Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)

6 Hours


Anaconda Installation

Basics of Programming

Memory Management

Compiler and Interpreter

Syntax of Python

Basics of Statistics

Python Programming (Basic + Advance)

40 Hours


Git and GitHub

Operators + Data Types + Loops

Functions + Regular Expression

Conditional Statement

File & Exceptional Handling

Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.

Statistics and Machine Learning

70 Hours


Linear Algebra, Probability

Permutation & Combination

Descriptive & Inferential Stats

Hypothesis Testing

Time Series Analysis

ML Algorithms

Industrial Projects & Capstone Projects

12+ Classes


Text Classification

Human Activity Recognition

Forecasting Business KPI's

Credit Risk Analysis

Customer Churn Prediction

Sentiment Analysis

Job Assist Program

Data science job assistance and Data Science Interview preparation in Bangalore.

Learnbay Data science classes in Bangalore assures guaranteed job referrals as per the specified domain chosen by the student. They help students and learners to get placed in startups and top MNCs to build a career as Data scientists. We prepare students by conducting mock interviews as per the program. Learnbay even works on soft-skill, portfolio, and resume building. Many of our students had a breakthrough in their careers as they got recruited by leading global companies like TCS, Amazon, Mercedes, JP Morgan, and EY.

What are the advantages of becoming a Data Scientist in Bangalore?

Data scientists are in great demand as many corporations want to recruit data scientists, but properly skilled data scientists are scarce. It is a highly paid career with a promising future. Data science is versatile, and Data scientists have a great role in businesses. Becoming a Data scientist is a fun task that makes products and services smart and adequately effective.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field focusing on how to extract knowledge and information from data sets which are usually called Big Data. Data Science is how we apply knowledge by actionable insights from Data to solve complex problems in large domains of applications. Data must be prepared and analyzed to cure business problems by analyzing and developing data-driven solutions for high-end decisions in broad domains.

What does a Data Scientist do?

A Data Scientist analyzes and extracts system data for helpful insights. There are a few steps to be followed in the Data science process :

Before acquiring data for analysis, a Data scientist must be sure about a specific problem by asking the right question to understand it better. After this, the Data scientist creates the correct group of variables and data sets. Data scientists collect structured and unstructured data from different sources like enterprise data, public data, etc. Now that data is collected, the Data scientist processes raw data, converting it into a format for a specific analysis. It is the cleaning and validating of big data with guarantee, accuracy, and completeness. So after cleaning and validating, the data is in its usable form. This data is transferred to an analytical, ML, or statistical model. Through this, Data scientists can analyze to identify different trends and patterns. As the data is comprehended, Data scientist interrupts data looking for opportunities and solutions. The Data scientist completes the task by presenting results and insights to the proprietor or the stakeholders.

Skills required to be a Data Scientist in Bangalore?

Data scientists require skills in statistics, information service, mathematics, data visualization, data sonification, data integration, graphic design, and communication.

Know Our Projects

Our IBM Data Science course comes with a premium cloud lab feature. You get the chance to experience 12+ live MNC projects by using this cloud lab feature. Such a project will undoubtedly enhance your real-world and hot & happening data science skills. These projects are as per the Data science skill demand spread across Bangalore City. Have a look at the series of data science projects that have already been completed by our students.

data science course in bangalore

Samsung Health Monitor App

Samsung will launch a new healthcare app soon. The key goal of this app is an accurate human activity tracking and providing relevant health-related recommendations. Continuous analysis of a massive amount of mobile data is required for such an app.

data science course in bangalore

IBM HR Analytics

IBM intends to boost its HR department by identifying employees' masked inconsistency. They need models to identify the graphical variations in their 14000+ employees' performances. Help them build models with your regressions and other Data science abilities.

data science course in bangalore

Amazon Customer Review Analysis

Amazon has made a goal to identify the most successful consumer electronic products. For these, they require live customer review analysis. You can participate in the assisting project of customer insight regeneration from the ongoing and existing reviews via a suitable data visualization approach.

data science course in bangalore

BMW Used Car Price Optimization

BMW allows existing customers to sell used cars but many competitors are now offering better resale values. A data science-powered statistical app from BMW will provide the best market value for used cars based on parameters like Km driven, daily pricing up and down, manufacturing dates, etc. Develop your analytical skills through such projects.

Hear From Our Alumni

Learnbay has emplaced thousands of Data science aspirants in top Startups and MNCs. Students have started working in their careers as Data scientists and have completed their course from Learnbay data science training in Bangalore.

data science course in bangalore


The quality of the content is very nice. What I liked the most was mainly the instructor concentrating on the practical part, live project sessions make you feel confident to attend interviews. Multiple batch options, access for any instructor class videos or materials. The totally positive environment around.

data science course in bangalore

Shezan Baig

Learnbay is one of the most remarkable data science institutes I've come across. Compared to other institutes in India, it offers a data science course at a low cost. Excellent value for money. Finally, I achieved job satisfaction. I would strongly advise everyone to attend this institute.

data science course in bangalore

Viraj Ghodke

For me, learning using the Learnbay platform has been a great experience. The teaching and management team are very helpful. They are constantly willing to clarify each individual's doubts and meet the needs of working professionals. The practice interview sessions were simply like a clone of MNC interviews.

data science course in bangalore

Shubhangi J. Waghmare

The best in Industry offerings from both cost and curriculum wise. One advantage of joining here is you can access their resources for a lifetime, unlike others where you have accessibility only for a year or so. Most importantly, there is continuous assistance for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for these Data Science training Courses in Bangalore?

There are no prerequisites for this Data Science Foundation course as all modules are beginner-friendly and are taught from scratch. We provide special classes and assistance for Non-IT/Non-Programmers. However, basic knowledge of applied Mathematics/Statistics is a must.

What if I miss a few classes due to an emergency?

In case you miss a few classes, you will be provided with backup classes in other batches. But if you could not attend more classes, you can opt for batch change and join the next batch.

What is a Flexi Subscription in these advanced data science courses in Bangalore?

Those who enroll for Data Science live classroom training are eligible for a Flexi Pass. With this option, we will share access to all the ongoing batch details for a period of 1 -3 years, so that you can attend live sessions from any batch and learn at your own pace. This option is best for people working in shifts or on weekends. Flexi Subscription Time-line: Foundational Data Science and AI Training course- 1 Year, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders- 3 Years, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance - 3-years.

What’s the duration of these advanced data science courses in Bangalore?

The duration of these courses is about 6-15 months, which includes live lectures, hands-on practical training on live projects, and interview preparations. Classes will be conducted on weekdays and weekend batches. Monday to Friday - 2 hours/day and Saturday & Sunday - 3.5 hours/day, Foundational Data Science and AI Training course (220+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 6 months, Weekend batch - 8 months, Advance Data Science and AI Certification course (270+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 7 months, Weekend batch - 9 months, Data Science and AI Certification Course for Managers and Leaders (340+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 11 months, Weekend batch - 13 months, Data Science and AI Training with Placement Assistance (380+ hours) :- Weekday batch - 13 months, Weekend batch - 15 months

What is the mode of Data Science Course In Bangalore at Learnbay?

We provide both classroom and online data science training modes. Based on your requirement, you can choose your preferred mode.

How can I opt for a Hybrid mode of learning in IBM data science training courses in Bangalore, At Learnbay?

Simply, you can choose an online mode of study for the theoretical classes and a classroom mode for all the capstone projects and interview preparation sessions.

24/7 Learner’s Support

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Special programming session starts from 22nd to 27th of Sep. from 8 PM to 10 PM

Available Batch Details :

  • Weekday Morning: 22nd September, 8 AM to 10 AM
  • Weekday Evening: 28th September, 8 PM to 10 PM
  • *Terms & Conditions applied.

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