Data science (DS) is the leading concept currently throughout the world, it has successfully managed to bring different nations under one umbrella. To pursue such hot trending topic is a little effort some, but again, Data science is a one time investment, because everything that we invest into it, be it time, money, effort, everything will get back to us in a better version of each. Even though DS is most popular still many of us just cannot finalize a respective perception about it, because it is vast and will not come in senses in mere time. For the ones who want to know more than just definition of Data science, here are some DS resources on youtube. The channels mentioned below are genuinely enthusiasts in sharing experience in field of Data science. Check them out.

  1. Springboard:

    Authenticity of Data science cannot be understood unless we are Data scientists, but we can surely know about how it actually works in real time only by Data scientists. This channel does interviews of popular Data scientists of popular companies and brands like google, ebay, reddit and such. It is so much fascinating to understand the reality of the world hottest trend.So far it has 329 videos with 33.2k subscribers.

  2. Joma Tech:

    What else is better than to know the essentials of Data science by a Data scientist himself!?!Joma is a tech head who in his channel talks about his journey of becoming one, courses he studied, courses that are required to study and everything else related to becoming a data scientist. He not only talks about DS also about startups, programming languages and software engineering. He also interviews numerous popular data scientists in his channel, gets deeper into the topic and helps us to have clear vision inside the life in DS.
    He has uploaded only 70 videos but yet has 317.k subscribers already. He is quite popular ofcourse.

  3. Edureka:

    Edureka channel in youtube is very useful to learn codes and algorithms in quick. They constantly keep providing videos of different trendy programming languages, about how to code in them and their uses. Even though it is difficult to master DS with what they provide but can surely learn basics of the languages.They are quite persistent in their work, they so far has 2628 videos with more than a million subscribers.

  4. 365 Data science:

    If you are a little confused with different definitions and perspectives on Data science, just take a step back and surf this channel it has the easier way to understand about Data Science and its evolution. Not only of DS, they also provide information of other trendy matters like Artificial Intelligence and Data structures. Provides basic introduction to languages like Python, C, C++, Java and such.They have uploaded 122 videos and has 37.1k subscribers.

  5. Krish Naik:

    He is an Indian data scientist who throws light upon the situation of DS in India, explains the field and how to enter it. Talks about prerequisites of it, internships, which companies to target to, also helps out the unemployed graduates to seek a firm job by suggesting reliable companies to them. He is like a Data science guide, this channel is very useful to make way for yourself in land of Data science.Uploaded 228 videos and has 45.2k subscribers.

If you think want to get more into field of DS, visit here
I hope this information will honestly help the Data Science aspirants.