Different Job positions in Data Science you should know

Maintaining and sustaining any job role in Data Science is bliss in life, not only because it rains money but also for the professional stability and experience one gets about technology. Generally, people assume “Data Scientist” is only one among the job positions in data science to start with, but that is completely false. Data Science is vast of a field containing multiple disciplined technologies working efficiently with each other. Moreover, each specific technology requires a respective specialist. This means, working with various specialists of different sectors is mandatory in Data Science. Hence there are multiple numbers of job positions in data science.

Suppose you do random research on the number of data science jobs available across the globe/ India. In that case, you find the most reliable blog sites and insight generation domains show a huge number of about ‘40,00,000.’

If you search in the most popular online job posting sites with the keyword ‘data scientist’, you will receive hardly 10,00,000 results. But you have research on the most reliable sites. So then, where is your search gap!

Well. Your research gap regarding the available data science job vacancies lacks in the keyword.

Keyword!. Yes. Data scientist is not a unique job position that generates the entire data science domain. Instead, a data scientist is one of the mid-level ones rather than the vast variations of data science job roles.

Keyword!. Yes. Data scientist is not a unique job position that generates the entire data science domain. Instead, a data scientist is one of the mid-level ones rather than the vast variations of data science job roles.

Trust me, even though they all sound almost the same, they are very individual in their specific terms.

Let’s see some of those job roles that the Data Science discipline provides:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Every domain contains a Research and Development subdomain. So, you can say the job role of a ‘data scientist’ is similar to that.

    The world of data science has started flourishing a few years back and growing at a rapid speed. Bu, many development scopes are still hidden, mainly in terms of automation, machine learning, and deep learning. Data scientists are the pilot for future data science development, and their roles are focused on the following measure.

    • Exploring the scopes of further development within the techniques, knowledge, and strategies under current use.
    • Researching for the betterment of current ML models, AI tools, and insight via the extreme level of critical thinking.
    • Publishing of research papers.

  3. Data Analyst
  4. Data analyst is the refurbished version of traditional data analyst used to handle charts and graphs of the business reports using advanced excel.

    But now the job role has become more appealing and critical too. As it now demands an extensive degree of data science knowledge from in following arrears.

    • Extensive knowledge of Business intelligence tools like Power BI, Seaborn, Tableau.
    • Sound programming knowledge with R and Python libraries regarding data visualisation and statistical computing (e.g., Matplotlib, Numpy).
    • Ample proficiency in data manipulation, data storing, and data cleaning.
    • Working knowledge of database management systems like SQL.

  5. Data Engineer
  6. This job role is specifically for personnel with a core technical background. Better to say, to become a data engineer, you need to have adequate knowledge of the following.

    • Application and software development.
    • Application management.
    • Deep understanding of machine learning models.
    • Hardcore programming knowledge of different languages like Python, java, C, C++.
    • Proficiency with NLP, Artificial neural networks, along with data modeling and manipulation of the same.

  7. Business Analyst
  8. This particular job role is almost identical to the data analyst. Even you need to acquire all the skills that a data analyst holds. The only difference is, you need a few additional skill sets. Without these skill sets, you can’t get promoted to the business analyst role. The skills as listed below.

    • Good knowledge of business management. So professionals holding an MBA degree seem perfect for this data science career transition.
    • The impressive power of critical thinking deploys the right business model as per the business scenario.
    • Mixing up the business model approach with the machine learning model and development of algorithm strategy accordingly.
    • Needs to be proficient with all the trending BI tools.

  9. Machine Learning Engineer
  10. Machine learning engineers are focused on the development of automation. So, similar to the data engineering job roles, you need to be an expert of

    • Application development.
    • Application testing.

    But your key domain of working will be automation. Besides, your job designation will indulge you in
    ML model optimisation.

    • Dealing with the statistical complexity associated with machine learning models.
    • Making the machine learning models cost-effective, time-saving, and user-friendly as much as possible.

  11. Analytics Manager
  12. This role is the expert and leadership level of the business analytics and data analyst. And beyond any doubt, along with all the skills of a business analyst, you need to enrich your soft skills like

    • Internal and external communication.
    • Data presentation.
    • Negotiation with clients related to the generated insight.
    • Power of convincing your peer group with your analytics.
    • An innovative mind, full of limitless unique ideas for planning data-driven, sustainable business solutions.

  13. Research Officer
  14. This is a tiny subdomain of data scientists that work directly to handle business problems. Any data-driven business models planned by the business analyst and developed by ML engineers need to get reviewed by research officers before the final deployment of the same. The responsibilities of this job role include,

    • Researching several models for any kind of operational gap.
    • Providing a solution to the identified gap.
    • Reviewing and finalising data-driven solution models.

  15. Data Product Manager
  16. Launching of products any product remains associated with multiple numbers of trials and up-gradation. To launch a project, the lifecycle of the same has to be identified very cautiously. The market success of a product depends on the efficacy of customer insight generation. So, the development of such insight needs to be managed by expert hands designated as ‘data product manager.’ Their key responsibilities include

    • Running customer surveys.
    • Cross-checking the cost-effectiveness and market competencies of the product

    All these responsibilities need fluent use of business analytics and cloud-based business tools.

  17. Big Data specialis
  18. No companies now can’t survive without big data technology. Big data specialists are those who take care of all database systems (cloud and local) regarding the security of company data. They remain indulged in managing the infrastructure of companies’ big data tools and applications. They need to master in,

    • RDBMS applications like MySQL, NoSQL, etc.
    • Several BI analytical software like Hive, Hadoop, etc.

Below is the summary of the above mentioned data science job roles in a tabular form.

PositionJob DescriptionSalary in RsSalary in $Tools used
Data scientistThey find the rational value by processing the datasets. Mostly they resolve the problems regarding businesses.16 lakh  rs$113,435SAS for statistics, Apache to handle datasets, MATLAB, Tableau, R programming and Python
Data AnalystThey inspect, clean, transform and structure the data to goal discovering the concealed information between patterns of data.4-8 lakh  rs$67,445SAS, Rapidminer, R
Data EngineerThey handle large scale processing systems like databases while also maintaining the analytical infrastructure.8,28,244 rs$127,878Hadoop, Scala, Java, C++, SQL
Big Data SpecialistOne who creates and manages the company’s Big Data in infrastructure and tools. Should jumble with datasets and should know the methods to reduce the mountain size data into the solution.7,22,422 rs$139,463Hadoop, Hive, ML, scala, Java, Sql, NoSql, C++
Business AnalystThey dwell on maintaining the Business domain. They document and assess business-related queries with the help of technology. The overall focus on keeping the business steady with the help of data.6 lakh rs$74,751Ms office suite, Google Docs, SmartDraw, SWOT
Machine Learning EngineerThey are software engineers specialised in machine learning. Their job is to enhance the intelligence of machines by upgrading them, testing several numerous problems on them.1,103.K rs$187,362Probability statistics, Data modelling, algorithms of AI and ML
Analytics ManagerUtilising the analytics in the business efficiently, working on a creative strategy in collecting, modifying, modelling, implying data for products and services of a business9,12,174 rs$108,531AI, Big Data, Cloud, communication skills
Research officerThey are required to find rational solutions for any problem by using tools to research. They should build and provide a final model of solution for the problems. They schedule the projects regarding the process of researching.3 lakh – 8lakh in rs$84,180Data collection and analysis, qualitative and quantitative, data research, project management.
Product Data ManagerThey will look after management and publication of data for every insight regarding the product.Average 3.5 lakhs$85,751Microsoft visio, Google Drive, analysis tools like pendo, customer survey tools.

I hope this would help you in understanding the diversity in one Data Science field.

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