A Guide To Successful Data science Projects for Beginners

Completing highly-praised Data science projects have become the motto of every working professionals as well as freshers. But Why!

The high demand for data-driven business decisions has changed the global job market scenario in the last 5 years. The monstrous volume of information has effectively gone past the controlling power of the human cerebrum. So, competitive and successful business decisions now require joint effort with statistically determined technological force.

The above scenario develops daily the rising demand for data science professionals and lowering the need for non-data science recruitments. As a result, to make the future recession-proof, everyone is dying for a data science career switch.

And what’s the foremost criterion to grab your first promising data science job role?

It’s the presence of a creditable real-time data science projects on your resume.

Here I have come up with a list of trending data science project ideas that will surely add extra weight to your resume and your candidature score to the recruiters.

  1. Recognize and foresee client Agitate in Telecom Industry
  2. The Telecom industry is now not limited to simple voice calling, SMS sending, and caller tune setting. With the advancement of smartphone technology, tablets, and a broadband connection, the telecommunication domain has become such a tech-service monster without which our daily life gets wrenched up.

    Such demand surge has generated a huge threat to the telecom service provider, converging the performance and service maintenance. The biggest danger is the performance of competitors and regularly changing customer orientations.

    Commonly, customers keep switching from one operator to another operator, which is now very easy with the help of Mobile Number Portability services (MNP). A higher rate of client agitation is not good for a particular service provider.

    The root cause of such business issues can be analyzed and solved with the help of crisp data analysis and a machine learning approach. Deployment of multiple classification data models seems to be a good option for such a project. Your candidature becomes unique to the recruiter of telecom companies if you hold such data analytics live projects in your portfolio.

    Algorithm models you can use in such scenarios are

  3. Lowering of Credit Defaulter Hazards
  4. Presently, loan offers are the most customer demanded service of the BFSI sector. But such business strategies are associated with a high risk of credit defaults.

    Buying cars and apartments with the help of instant loan policies has become the most popular investment strategy for Indian consumers. The higher the number of loan holders, the higher the risk of bankruptcy for a financial organization.

    But, a BFSI organization can’t even run its business without credit facilities.

    To ensure the hazards of credit defaulters remain at the lowest possible rate, machine learning can be applied in banking business analytics processes.

    Requisite data analytics project ideas include applying appropriate machine learning algorithms and models to track the real-time behaviour of clients regarding payment sincerity, online transactions, nature of investments, and credit score trends.

    To make your project adequately valuable, concentrate on the following features:

  5. Counterfeit News Recognition (protecting audience from fake news)
  6. Counterfeit news and tricks spread quickly because of different reasons, for example, expanding TRPs or a political plan.

    For the most part, this forgery news spread with the assistance of web-based media or other online platforms, as it is the speediest and quickest medium to do as such.

    You can choose this weakness of social media to strengthen your data analytics project idea. For example, a data science project portfolio of Counterfeit News Recognition to protect the audience from scammy news will massively impress the talent acquisition team of your targeted media and mass-communication organization.

    For such a project, you can follow the following approaches.

  7. Assessment of social media video trends
  8. Suppose you are approaching a data science career shift in the social media and entertainment domain. , The project for automated and highly customized movies/ videos/ TV show recommendations using Collaborative Filtering (CF) algorithm. Appropriate guidance helps increase the customer interest in particular platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. So these could be a very promising machine learning project in 2021. For such a project, the following measures and approaches can be considered.

    • The algorithmic capability of analyzing geo-location-based, age-based, and time-based (day/ night weekdays/week-ends) contents preferences.
    • Identification and assessment of text-based as well as voice-based inputs.

  9. Electronic product performance analysis
  10. Product testing has always been the biggest headache for the manufacturing industry. Even after multiple rounds of product testing and trials, the product starts dysfunctioning after a few months.
    The most recent example is the launch of the Redmi Note 10 series by Xiaomi. Even after multiple sets of trials, users started experiencing massive display issues within a month of the launch.

    Such problems can be predicted and resolved at the production stage with the help of artificial intelligence. Following measures can help pursue data analytics ideas under consideration.

    • Designing such machine learning models that will be effective for gauging internal system failure based on massive estimations and tests completed in the preliminary stage.
    • Implementing automation strategy for individual components check-ups in the assembly line of production.

  11. Discourse Feeling Recognition (written or spoken communication)
  12. Discourse feeling recognition (aka. Speech Emotion Recognition, SEM) is the hottest topic in machine learning and deep learning.

    With the help of machine learning and deep learning (for more advanced projects) search results, and content recommendations can be provided to users based on their moods.

    The technology of SEM is based on the critical analysis of human emotion based on written or spoken inputs.
    You can use the following ML algorithms for such projects.

  13. Detection of routes with the least possibility of COVID-19 spread through your neighbourhood
  14. Nothing can be more impressive than a project that shows support to reduce coronavirus spreading in 2021.

    The project idea about finding the route to your destination location from your home through the least possible contaminant zone and covid patient contacts. Under such a project, you can consider the following analytical measures.

    • Tracking of real-time data for several affected, recovered, hospitalized, or dismissed people.
    • Identification and up-gradation of mild to moderate level of contaminant zone, based on past, present, and real-time data, and future insights.
    • Setting of alarm when the density of COVID positive patients around the upcoming location is getting higher.
    • Use of KNN, Regression tree, and Convolutional Neural Network algorithms.

  15. Demand Forecasting of Transportation Apps
  16. Ridesharing apps like Ola, Uber, Rapido, Quickride have become an inseparable component of our daily life. However, many customers face ride cancellation, booking delay, and available ride location tracking issues at peak time.

    With the help of better data modelling and data visualization and highly interactive dashboards, such applications can be taken to the next level of performance. With more accurate demand forecasting, both drivers and passengers can experience fluent ride services. Below are some ideas to carry out such a project.

    • Improvement of dynamic data availability
    • Implementation of the most efficient cloud-based data management and storage solutions.
    • Intelligence application of tableau tools.
    • Increase the efficacy of time-series model application.
    • Application of R instead of python.

Where to get the Right guidance to pursue such a compelling project?

There is a range of online resources that offers access to Free dataset for data science projects. You can collect your data set for your project, But to make your very first project adequately creditable to recruiters, it’s always recommended that you opt for dedicated guidance.

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