To secure a job in any domain, one has to give it a lot of preparation. He/She should be trained for the role and should have absolute knowledge about the field; usually, people will dedicate years in preparing for their desired roles. Shifting from a prepared role of the domain to a different domain will not usually be easy; a strong gust of scepticism would surely haunt. The process of shifting from one domain to another is hard; it gets harder to learn data science for working professionals because they will have to prepare for the new job role while maintaining their current one.

But plenty of options are now available that promise to take into a success as well as a lucrative data science career switch. So finding resources and expected guidance in this regard is not so hard. Still, the lakh of aspirants are struggling year after for such a career transition. However, the hidden truth of successfully switching to a sustainable data science career is somewhat different, and the controlling power is in your hands only. So, how can you make that possible?

If you plan the whole process of domain shifting in an organized and rational way, you can have a win-win situation.
So let’s peep into the process of making such win-win learning strategies.

Have a vision and plan your strategy

You must win in both the games of learning and working, for that you will have to strategize in such a way that your time in learning data science should not in any way collide with your work life and vice-versa because both of the activities are equally important as they require immense attention and individual preference.

Let us start from scratch. Here are some possible concerns of a working professional:

  1. Time management
  2. Balancing the energy between two activities
  3. Scheduling
  4. Risk of affording a wrong move
  5. Risk of inefficient or improper execution

As a working professional, you will have to manage your responsibilities so that you will have control over everything that happens to exist. However, with proper planning and the right way of approach, the above-mentioned concerns could be easily tamed.

Firmly state your purpose of learning data science

Why do you want to change your domain into Data Science while you already have a job?
Firmly define the purpose.

You should know that by shifting to data science, everything will change. You will have to develop new skill sets for the role that you are targeting, processing of workflow will be different, your future job role will have different goals, purpose and aim.

Act consciously when you are risking to give up on the comfort and expertise you have in your current job, be very sure about the purpose of doing so. Doing this will eliminate the scepticism about the risk of getting out of your comfort zone.

The efforts you put into learning Data Science will never go in vain because you will learn about the currently trending technologies and tools that will help you survive in data science and anywhere in the IT firm.

Have a soft target

People think only the role of ‘data scientist’ matters the most, but the fact is that there are several other roles in data science that significantly matter in the field.

So choose one role that you want to become and start preparing for it. Doing this should be good for the starters because you do not have to be a scholar in every tool that has ever been used in the field; smartly target those topics that are the essentials in Data Science.

When you specifically work on a targeted role, you will have the chance to know about it completely and its importance in the field. This approach will be a very smart move because you will not be confused regarding what to study in the vast field of data science. The field generally prioritizes those who hold master expertise in the specified field. So be very sure about the role you want to serve in data science.

Plan the execution

To perfectly plan the execution part, you will first have to design the implementation part, do it wisely and rationally. Then, revise your daily-life activities, reschedule them for the sake of balancing between learning and working.

Exercise on the way you spend time on everyday things, revise it according to your daily schedules. For example, practice making a note of your tasks every day, according to how much time you would invest in the things and try your best to act as decided.

In other words, this way of dealing with things is called discipline. To have a structured day, you will have to practice discipline in all possible ways.
Revise your activities from sleeping habits to break sessions and reschedule them so that the things will themselves fall in the right place. Set targets, set your deadlines and design the way that you want things to work.

Start Networking and understand the field

Involve with the people who come from the field of Data Science, know about the field’s insider story, and how it works. Having field knowledge is very much necessary. Also, remember that you will have to work in teams when you get into data science, so practice skills in communication and confidence.

Get interactive with the people by asking them about the ways to reach the field this way. You will build good connections and will get great suggestions as well. Start associating yourself with the people who belong to Data science; you will need to get used to that.

data science course for working professionals

Choose A good course

Everything you do and every effort you put in is only to learn Data Science, but if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong course, your effort will go in vain.

Your purpose in learning Data Science is to shift your domain into that of Data science; you cannot do this without the help of a good course.

The course that you choose should not only help you to have fine knowledge in data science but also should help you to manage your planned schedules. In addition, there are many data science courses specially built for working professionals; it will greatly help if you choose the right one among them.


With the right approach and proper planning, you can triumph in learning Data Science while maintaining a full-time job. Stick to your plans and preparations, seek help from a good course, practice as much as possible, and start involving yourself with the field. If you manage to execute the plans every day, you will surely reach your destination with ease.

How Can Learnbay help you?

The data science course of Learnbay is specially designed for working professionals. The benefits provided in the course will help you balance your scheduling. In addition, Learnbay powered by IBM will help you throughout the journey of learning and experiencing data science.

At Learnbay, we offer you the flexibility of choosing your classes at your convenience. Either choose weekend classes or go for weekdays morning/ evening classes before/ after your login for your current job. Learn in your own free time.

Suppose you are worried about your career transition or highly doubtful about choosing any courses because you are already in the leadership position and have 7+ years of working experience. Then you can join our specially designed AI and ML masters program for leadership and managerial professionals. No need to degrade your designation for the sack of data science career translation. Rather, upgrade your designation and job role.
Next comes the credibility of the course.

At Learbay, you will get full career transition support until you get your first job. Not only do you get the chance of learning a high-demand data science module, at the same time, you will also earn real-time industrial project experience by directly working with domain-specific startups. As a premium advantage of joining the Learnbay data science course, you also get the opportunities of making yourself adequately confident in the interview table via several mock interview tests.

Even you will get our guidance after successful completion of your chosen course. Because we provide lifetime access to all the online class sessions, and for the next few years, you can attend the same classes taught by different instructors.

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